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I started to develop black and white pictures in the bathroom of my parents. A good friend showed me how to do it. Back then I was only 15 years old.

Over the next three decades i created thousands of black & white prints, always focused to get the best result out of a negative.

Starting around the year 2000 photography changed a lot. My passion for the analog process stayed the same. In 2004 i started to experiment with different materials, liquid photoemulsion and lithprinting-techniques. I wanted to create the ultimate black & white picture from scratch. Liquid photoemulsion and different materials became the basic parts of my toolbox. For me it felt like i was inventing photography again. Finally i founded my own label Visual Flashback.

Especially today, in times of digital workflows, i appreciate those moments of silence and self-communion in my own little darkroom. I still experience that the analog process in photography is full of unrivaled power. Analog photography is an unvaluable discovery.

The moment when the picture arises on a white surface is still magic and astonishing.

There is nothing like it.